We Were the Coca Cola

Getting ready for a solo show is similar to making an album. So preparing for my show “You Were Shit in the 80’s” I tried to harness the energy of first albums. Almost like they were my new intangible role model buddies.

So when it came time for my second solo show with The James Freeman gallery I decided to get my second albums out and try and do the same thing. Although this time make it everything. Not just a background inspiration. But the concept. Difficult second albums for the second solo show.

Taking some of London’s most iconic lost music venues I tried to populate them with imagery from a second album cover that had a close link to the venue. Nirvana to the Astoria, The Clash to The Hammersmith Palais. As the concept went on I was a bit worried that the concept and it’s parameters were damaging the image. So I opened it up to general album imagery. Like taking the train (The Mallard) from the front of “Modern Life is Rubbish” by Blur and hanging it from the ceiling of The Camden Falcon.

Over all it was an intense project. Very much obsessing about music and how to keep an image striking and interesting without just ripping off some iconic album cover and making it all about that. The paintings needed to be able to stand alone without having any understanding of the musical relevance.