Landscapes 2001 - 2011

  • 2001: pen and ink with wash

    2001: pen and ink with wash

  • 2002: watercolours

    2002: watercolours

  • 2003: oil paint

    2003: oil paint

  • 2004/2005: painting Edinburgh

    2004/2005: painting Edinburgh

  • 2006/2007: painting highland landscape

    2006/2007: painting highland landscape

  • 2008: Painting big

    2008: Painting big

  • 2009: Romanticism

    2009: Romanticism

  • 2010: Effects of the sun

    2010: Effects of the sun

  • 2011: Mood

    2011: Mood

I wasn’t great in school, didn’t really enjoy it. Similar when I went to college leaving without any real path. Worked in a few bars and call centres. Didn’t really enjoy the prospects. I think at this point, around 2001, I educated myself, through the utter determination not to be unhappy, as an artist. After about 8 years of painting the landscape I was happy with the result but disappointed that I couldn’t attract more galleries. So moved to London and decided to recreate myself as ‘mackie’ and paint something a bit closer to my personality. So I embarked on the “Source of light” paintings using this pseudonym. Around 2013 I combined this surreal subject matter with the earlier landscapes to create “Abandoned Dollhouses” and started thinking it was about time to use the name I should be most proud of.

Selected Landscapes