• Abditory @ Bo.Lee Gallery

    Abditory @ Bo.Lee Gallery

  • First Book

    First Book

  • Simmons&Simmons my favourite wall

    Simmons&Simmons my favourite wall

  • TNOAC @The Royal College of Art

    TNOAC @The Royal College of Art

  • TNOAC @ Royal College of Art

    TNOAC @ Royal College of Art

  • W.Gordon Smith Award

    W.Gordon Smith Award

  • Progress of Ra and Bo. Lee at London Art Fair

    Progress of Ra and Bo. Lee at London Art Fair

  • The White Horse @ James Freeman Gallery

    The White Horse @ James Freeman Gallery

February catch up…

After a busy start to 2015, getting ready for the solo show with James Freeman Gallery, the idea was to take it a bit easier for the rest of the year, experimenting with some new ideas and larger paintings like Ra and The White Horse. It’s fair to say that not how it panned out…

Following the RA summer show I was invited to take part in a group show with Bo.Lee Gallery called Abditory and as I was just back from a trip – for material – to the Highlands of Scotland I thought it would be a good time to begin with the new idea – sort of frescos of the sun in sections or rooms of buildings, but more than frescos I wanted them to feel alive. It was good to receive a positive reaction to the paintings here so I was keen to see how they would look huge.

Around the same time I heard that my painting Who invented the hole, part 1: Henry Moore, which had previously been purchased by the Simmons&Simmons collection, was included in a book Global Corporate Collections which was launched at Art Basel. I always considered it a landmark achievement to be included in a book amongst some art world heavyweights, so I am delighted with this book. Following on from the achievement I went to see my painting at Simmons&Simmons, as they were launching a new exhibition Piercing the Veil, here I briefly talked on camera very quickly realising, like a sledgehammer hitting my brain, that talking on camera is only good for some. Any sagacity I may have thought I had somehow went basically vacant, hidden by a slightly too loud talking voice so I could be heard. still cringing.

Two other highlights towards the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 were:

  • Seeing my painting A Mutual Attraction, make it through to The National Open Art Competition held this year in the Royal College of Art. Always tricky to get into prize exhibitions so I felt very buoyed to participate for the second year in a row.
  • Participating in a new Scottish Prize, The W. Gordon Smith Award with the painting Sun Station.

Making January an extra busy time I had agreed to produce a large painting for The James Freeman Gallery for his group show Silk and to take part in The London Art Fair with Bo.Lee Gallery. For the first show I was keen to make a painting inspired by one of my favourites, Pieter Bruegel’s “Hunters in the snow”, which had such an inviting but bleak feel. My offering was The White Horse. For Bo.Lee I provided SunVan1 and Sunvan2