Abandoned Dollhouses 2013 – Present Who would live in a house like this?

A snippet

Do you know the scene in Wicker Man, when Edward Woodward is beside his hotel bedroom door whilst Britt Eklund writhes about, sultry like, on the other side. Irresistable, almost, only separated by a few centimetres of door. You imagine how he’ll break the door down to get to her. Instead he goes to bed.

This is an exaggerated from of how I’ve been feeling over the last few years with colour. Continuing to collect and think about them, leaving them in a box, occasionally looking at them, thinking about how great they could look on the monochromatic Source of Light painting series. Resisting them.

So it’s brung an extra gusto, to break them out, on a project that was already rich in gusto, catapulting the productive process.

The Idea

Sprouting from a gift, for my son, of some Sylvanian Families, by my friend, artist Mat Kemp over six months ago. They sat in my studio, where they occasionally caught my eye starting to take hold, a little. So I looked at them closer. Such smoothly contoured little furry faces, lack of any emotion, stone cold. They would be great to paint. I put them to the side again unsure what excuse/concept I could make in order to construct the painting.Then I headed down to my friend’s photography studio to see if we could take some Caravaggio styled chiaroscuro photographs of the little bunnies. The idea being that I could populate iconic movie horror sets with them.  I started playing and sketching whilst continuing to paint the Source of Light series.The sketching never quite worked so I decided to remove the bunnies and the iconic horror sets – which was kind of like removing the entire idea. But left I had a skeleton for what would make an interesting mood. And thus the Abandoned Dollhouses began.